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Shawn Anderson, FDH, Infrastructure Services and Stewart Kriegstein, Warstone Innovations, LLC

Warstone Innovations, LLC had a recent opportunity to promote the SCS System to repair and strengthen existing timber and precast concrete piles, for a rehabilitation of a large residential complex, located on the shoreline in Southern California. The project engineer Pacific Engineering Group, conditioned non-destructive testing (NDT) be performed to provide the soundness and length of the existing piles for design purposes. FDH, Infrastructure Services was retained to perform dispersive wave propagation (DWP) techniques, using proprietary analysis methods to provide this vital in situ information. FDH Infrastructure Services Operations Manager - Mr. Shawn Anderson, PE, CWI, lead his team to perform the field investigation and provide a detailed analytical report, enabling the project engineer to finalize the repair and strengthening design. This technological cutting edge synergy of non-destructive testing and a rapid repair and strengthening methodology (SCS System), blazed the path to economically improving todays aging and deteriorated infrastructure. Special thanks to Mr. Shawn Anderson, his crew and FDH, Infrastructure Services for their collaborative professional services.


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