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S C S  System

Continuity Connection

Warstone Innovations, LLC recognized that, if there were a way to strengthen today's fiberglass jacket pile encapsulation system while simultaneously streamlining the installation process, timber piles could be repaired and strengthened more quickly and easily; therefore, reducing labor costs and increasing profit.


Currently, the standard method for strengthening timber piles includes: removal of rot and decay, applying a wood preservative, rebuilding the shape of the pile with an epoxy  

Damaged Pile
Pile Repair
Pile Repair

grout, detailing the grouted pile for FRP wrap, and the wrapping the prepared pile with an FRP fabric (usually carbon fiber). Excluding all site preparations such as excavating and shoring, the current pile strengthening process takes an experienced team approximately three days of work. An improved fiberglass jacket pile encapsulation system with strengthening capabilities could reduce installation time to one day; therefore saving 66% of the original labor time while simultaneously adding the benefit of pile strengthening.


Because most fiberglass shells are manufactured with one or two vertical joints to allow the shell to be placed around an existing in-place column, complete radial confinement is not achieved. By embedding radial reinforcement into the shell, our patented Continuity Connection can provide a full 360 degrees of radial reinforcement, encompassing each joint, and therefore establishing complete radial confinement.

In order to achieve these goals, a radially aligned carbon fiber fabric can be incorporated into the construction of the fiberglass jacket. This feature provides the additional structural confinement element required to complement the addition of axial reinforcement. Because the fiberglass jacket requires joints to encircle the pile, the radial carbon fiber fabric will not be continuous; therefore, there must be a connection bridging the radial carbon fiber strengthening elements at the jacket joint, which is capable of providing the equivalent strength. With this in mind, we have invented the Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Continuity Connection which can provide the required continuous radial reinforcement necessary to confine any additional axial reinforcement. Additionally, axial reinforcement can be quickly and accurately installed using our patented “Reinforcement Positioner” (Please see more about the Reinforcement Positioners here). Together, these two innovations improve the existing fiberglass jacket pile encapsulation system by providing structural strengthening for a wide variety of applications.

Continuity Connection Testing

The SCS System’s main component is the Continuity Connection, which is the mechanism that provides the positive connection adjoining the individual CFRP strips or hoops that provide confinement and hoop strength to the inside of the separated GFRP jacket. The strength of the connection has been tested by two separate tests. Please click the testing button to view information regarding both tests.



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