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AbsorbCrete® a super absorbing dry mix that is an entirely new category of concrete. This new material is designed to be used primarily as a flood and debris control material, however, there are many other uses for this unique cementitious mix, such as barricades and armor.


Absorbcrete® is patented as Hygroscopic Cementitious Material, a cementitious, non-mixing concrete that contains cement, aggregates, and a proprietary blend of fibers that will absorb water, hydrate the cement, evaporate excess water and when required, reabsorb water again and again in quantities superior to other concrete mixes.


The Absorbcrete® is a non-mixing concrete, which decreases the normal cost and time constraints of installing ready-mix concrete, especially in times of inclement weather. Installation of this lighter material requires less equipment and personnel than what is normally used in flood control projects. This material can be placed in forms or ready-to-install containers. Since the increased weight to volume ratio is greater when in contact with water, less Absorbcrete® is needed for flood control, water, mud, and debris diversion and scour protection.    

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Absorbcrete® Hydration and Rehydration Test video can be viewed here.


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