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S C S  System
Structural Column Strengthening 


The Structural Column Strengthening (SCS) System is a structurally enhanced (with patented components), GFRP column jacket for the very rapid repair, strengthening and protection of existing supporting piles, poles and columns of any shape, size and length. This simplified, easy, shop fabricated and all-in-one system encompasses repairs and strengthening of columns for a wide variety of markets, above and below water, be it timber piles, utility poles, or concrete support columns. This value-engineered system is extremely advantageous in reducing labor costs and installation time, increasing in-field accuracy, reducing out-of-service downtimes, and protecting critical infrastructure while extending the service life of all existing column-dependent structures. Testing data performed at North Carolina State University demonstrates that the SCS System is the strongest, fastest, and most cost-efficient option available in the repair and strengthening of the pile/pole sectors today. 


Test Results of the SCS System Achieved 3x the Flexural Capacity of a Full UNDAMAGED Pile



Existing abraded and damaged pile.


Transport the SCS System jacket to the damaged pile.


Spread the jacket around the pile and insert the CF laminates.


Close and seal the T&G joint of the SCS System jacket.


The jacket is positioned 

around the pile. The void annulus is ready to be grouted.

In comparison, the Compression Test performance of the SCS System strengthened a simulated DAMAGED pile by 613%, to result in a 188.9% increase in axial load capacity above a full, UNDAMAGED timber pile.


The SCS System can provide the following solutions:

  • Shop fabricated to accommodate any size and shape for fast, easy and efficient on site installation.

  • Timely repairs to structurally deficient infrastructure and structures impacted by significant events such as natural disasters. 


  • Repairs, strengthens and protects piles and columns above and below water for bridges, wharves, docks and piers.

  • Provides additional flexural and compressive strengthening. 

  • Very rapid and easy to install, reduces the overall project costs and out-of-service time.

  • No heavy equipment required, the SCS System can be easily and efficiently installed with minimal labor.

The SCS System is the best and most efficient solution to remediate failing columns in infrastructure, whether public or privately owned. 

In-field trial opportunities may be available for public and private sectors, including but not limited to: the Department of Transportation, port authorities, Department of Defense, railroads, power, and communication utility providers. If interested, please contact Warstone Innovations, LLC here.

scs system
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