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2018 World of Concrete Convention

The week January 22-26 was the annual World of Concrete convention in Las Vegas, Nevada! A five-day show that has summoned more than 80,000 attendees from around the world, for more than just exhibit exploration, but a meeting of innovators and market leaders. With having some of the world’s best chefs and entertainment at our reach, it made it convenient for meetings with major manufacturers.

Our focus this year at the World of Concrete was introducing our Structural Column Strengthening (SCS) System to several manufacturers. Our innovative “virtually all in one” system, with our patent pending components, can repair damaged and deteriorated columns, enhance the structural capacities of existing columns and provide protection for columns, whether comprised of concrete, wood or steel. These innovations demonstrably proliferate Value Engineering to the world of column repair and strengthening. The World of Concrete convention has provided us with opportunities to meet with major manufacturers and distributors, bringing us one step closer to launching the SCS system to market.

The SCS system will change the world of column repair and strengthening; whether it be in an urban area, remote locations or underwater, it is a system that will benefit all parties involved. We look forward to our partnerships with well-known concrete strengthening and FRP jacket market leaders this year.

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