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We have completed the SCS System compression testing regimen, at the Constructed Facilities Laboratory at North Carolina State University. This testing used simulated damaged timber piles, strengthened with GFRP jackets enhanced with carbon fiber hoops and our patented Continuity Connections and the annulus was filled with a marine grade epoxy grout. The results were phenomenal, achieving a 613% increase in axial capacity of the simulated damaged pile. This equates to an almost 90% increase in capacity of an undamaged timber pile.

There are NO other timber pile repair or strengthening products that even come close to what the SCS System can accomplish.

These results elevate the vertical capacity of repaired/strengthened timber piles to that of concrete piles. Our engineers have developed methods to increase the bearing capacities of existing piles, so that the full enhanced capacity of the SCS System can be utilized. Our soon to be released flexural test results will complete all of the testing for our SCS System structural capabilities for timber piles.

For more information on the compression testing, click here.

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