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Reinforcement Positioner

   Our patented Reinforcement Positioners were developed to complement the enhancement of the fiberglass-filled shell system, as to easily install precise placement of additional engineered axial reinforcement. The Reinforcement Positioners can be attached directly to the fiberglass shells, eliminating the time and effort required for installing additional axial reinforcement onto timber piles, concrete, or steel columns before the fiberglass shell installation.

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   The Reinforcement Positioners are made of a high strength structural polymer grout for exceptional compressive strengths and compatibility when used with an epoxy grout shell filling material or cementitious materials. The Reinforcement Positioners are made to be bonded to the inside of fiberglass shells using an appropriate bonding epoxy and have integral holes for temporary mounting screws which retain the positioners until the bonding epoxy cures.    


   The Reinforcement Positioners can be used for a variety of reinforcements such as stainless steel rebar, carbon fiber rebar, or carbon fiber laminates. By installing the additional axial reinforcements using our Reinforcement Positioners directly to the fiberglass shells, one can achieve the following:

  • The new axial reinforcements can be precisely positioned per the engineer’s specification.


  • The axial reinforcement can be installed and inspected prior to installation underwater. Thereby greatly reducing underwater procedural time and effort.


  • Since the Reinforcement Positioner has a minimum clearance to the inside of the fiberglass shell, the cross-sectional area of the designed column is increased over conventional column design due to reduced clearance.


  • Since the axial reinforcements are attached via the Reinforcement Positioners directly to the shell, the need for conventional spacers attached to the reinforcement for proper clearance to the shell is eliminated, also reducing the size of the shell and reducing the quantity of filling material.


  • Having the enhanced fiberglass shell utilizing our Continuity Connection and Reinforcement Positioners greatly reduces construction labor time and increases best management practices for repairing and strengthening columns.

The Reinforcement Positioners can be used for a variety of projects beyond the SCS System repair and strengthening projects such as: reinforcement for concrete beams, slabs, shotcrete, gunite, and countless other projects.



Reinforcement Positioner for Round Bars


Reinforcement Positioner for Laminate and Tape


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