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Milestone Reached

Warstone Innovations, LLC continues to work with the Constructed Facilities Lab, at North Carolina State University testing the individual constituents of the SCS System, as a part of a comprehensive testing program. Our hope at the beginning of testing was to have the Continuity Connection strength surpass the tensile capacity of the carbon fiber confinement hoops. Various manufactured bonding adhesives were tested to adhere the carbon fiber laminate to carbon fiber cured fabric interior hoop of the Continuity Connection.

We have chosen an established epoxy manufacturer that produces an excellent epoxy matrix, which provides more than adequate working time and has superior adhesive qualities. Tests have proven this epoxy adhesive and our Continuity Connection surpasses the tensile capacity of the carbon fiber confinement hoops. This milestone now allows us to use the remarkable tensile capacity of the cured carbon fiber fabric hoops for design purposes and achievable strength parameters.

We have now established all of the individual components necessary to proceed with the full scale SCS System testing. Warstone Innovations, LLC is very excited to progress to the next phase of the testing program, which will be the compression performance of timber piles, enhanced with the SCS System. The timber pile samples will be distressed to replicate typical damaged piles and the rapidly installed SCS System will remediate and exceed the capacity of the original undamaged pile.

We are eagerly looking forward to continued testing and sharing the new test results.

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