Interlocking Bags

Interlocking Bags are multifunctional containment and protective devices, which are used as a system. Their unique interlocking configuration provides combined mechanical strength and durability. The bags have an applied coating on the top and bottom surfaces, which increases the coefficient of friction between each layer of bags, providing an aggressive slip resistance, even under water.

Interlocking Bag Sample

Interlocking Bag
Interlocking Bag

Interlocking Bag Prototype

Defensive Bag Bunker
Defensive Bag Bunker

Interlocking Bag Sample



  • Can be filled with granular materials, such as gravel, sand, or AbsorbCrete™

  • Prevents surges or leaks throughout the barricade

  • Can withstand exceptional forces and remain intact

  • Capable of providing additional impact resistance with vertical rods 

  • Easier, quicker and stronger than any other erosion control product 


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Israel - Patent

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