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Warstone Innovations is a family owned and managed company presently located in Ventura, California. Warstone is the English translation of the Bavarian name of our founder’s last name Kriegstein. Stewart Kriegstein is the founder, managing member, inventor and driving force of the company. Warstone Innovations is the holding company for various global patents. We perform research and development of innovations and for the time being, manufactures the products under patent protection.

Stewart Kriegstein

Warstone Innovations is committed to bringing industry-changing innovations, with patented products and methodologies, to our continually evolving world.


     Stewart Kriegstein, managing member of Warstone Innovations, LLC and inventor. Stewart was born in the late 50’s in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. He hails from a long list of creative family. Stewart’s grandfather Bernard Kriegstein was watchmaker and tinkerer, trained in Budapest. Grandfather Edward Vieux survived two Kamikaze attacks in the Pacific, during WWII and built his own ham radio to connect fighter pilots in Vietnam to loved ones in the States. Stewart’s father Herbert Kriegstein worked for Hughes Aircraft as a wire design engineer, whose work is still traveling the universe on the Voyager missions and was instrumental in the beginning space shuttles and B-2 Stealth Bomber. Stewart’s Uncle Fred Kriegstein was a jet fueling expert and intrepid inventor. All great inspirations and heroes to challenge a young man to see that the world around us can always be improved, to look for solutions and never give up.    


   Stewart started his career in architecture, attending the University of Colorado and Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc). Design was the main focus of his company Stewart Kriegstein & Associates, designing and producing construction plans for custom homes, commercial and industrial buildings. Learning the craft has always been an important facet of striving for the perfection of his art, and the connections with various professionals, structural and civil engineers, architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and contractors, provided the important knowledge for his future professional career.


    The El-Nino storms of 1983 that devastated the coastal community of Malibu, California, shaped the future of Stewart’s professional career. The devastation of the homes in Malibu, with their diverse foundations and protection systems, not only imparted a different type of construction but with it a life-long learning and appreciation of having to create new techniques of construction methodologies, which dealt with shifting sands, tides and ocean storms, all considered Coastal Engineering Construction. Challenges were a daily consideration and allowed Stewart to create outside of the norms, to design and implement new methodologies of repairs and new construction, that are still being used by many in the field today.



pacific shoreline construction logo

    In 1985, Stewart started Pacific Shoreline Construction, a coastal engineering construction company, with a General Engineering contracting license. Pacific Shoreline built new foundations, repaired timber, concrete, and steel foundations, built new and repaired rock revetments, timber seawalls and concrete bulkheads. Today, with over forty years of experience, Pacific Shoreline Construction mainly performs consultation work and timber pile testing services.



       Through many of the concrete repair projects performed by Pacific Shoreline Construction, Stewart learned and mastered the art of Concrete repair and when the Northridge earthquake struck Southern California 1994, Stewart was in a prime position to start a separate company to tackle the challenges of damaged concrete. In 1995, Epoxy Doctor a California Corporation was formed with the specific intent of using the latest technology of concrete repair and restoration.


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        These successful companies which introduced Stewart to the wide range of manufacturers and experts in the field, who were striving to introduce new techniques, such as FRP and new formulations of cementitious materials into the burgeoning field. With these relationships, Stewart has been able to incorporate these new materials into different fields of repairs and strengthening.


       Stewart’s lifelong career in design and construction including coastal engineering construction, structural reparations, and concrete strengthening, has provided him with the experience to think outside the box in the challenges posed by the difficult work and the environmental conditions. These challenges have been concurred by problem solving and innovations to accomplish the most difficult of obstacles.


      Major construction materials manufacturers have been consulting with Stewart Kriegstein for years with regard to new product developments and enhancements in their product lines. These relationships have produced market changes for these manufactures by increasing their market shares and bottom lines with improvements and new products.




Warstone Innovations, LLC is committed to bringing industry-changing innovations,

with patented products and methodologies,

 to our continually evolving world.      

    The quest for Stewart to learn, improve, innovate and implement new techniques continues on and understanding the value of some of these inventions, Stewart formed Warstone Innovations, LLC.  

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Stewart Kriegstein is a longtime professional member of:

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