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Warstone Innovations, LLC Becomes Sponsoring Member of a Number of Organizations

We are very excited to announce that Warstone Innovations, LLC has become a sponsoring member of the following:

We are very proud to have joined the following:

Center for the Integration of Composites into Infrastructure - (CICI)

Part of the NSF and I/UCRP:

National Science Foundation - (NSF)

Cooperative Research Program - (Industry-University Cooperative Research Program IRCUC)

Testing the full SCS System will be performed at:


Constructed Facilities lab (CFL)

North Carolina State University,

We are proceeding with full performance academic testing of our SCS System, for both existing timber piles/poles and existing concrete columns. This collaboration demonstrates our continuing dedication to establish the engineering design, strength parameters, and physical capabilities of our “all-in-one” (Repair, Strengthen and Protect) SCS System.

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