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Warstone Innovations, LLC Receives Extraordinary Reviews for SCS System at 2017 ICRI Fall Convention

Warstone Innovations, LLC attend this year's International Concrete Repair Institute (ICRI) Fall Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event took place over 3 days (from November 15th to 17th) and attended by over 300 engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and municipal representatives from across the globe.

Throughout the convention, Stewart Kriegstein (Founder and Managing Member), Amir Saheb (Chief Engineering Consultant), and Jessica Entrekin (Marketing Director) introduced our Structural Column Strengthening (SCS) System to countless intrigued participants. We

received only positive accolades and compliments, with one highly respected attendee commenting that our SCS System was, "...the most innovative system [they] have seen in the past 20 years at an ICRI convention."

Stewart Kriegstein and Amir Saheb at 2017 ICRI Fall Convention in New Orleans, LA

The ICRI convention concluded with an all-around exuberance for the future of the concrete reparation industry for our concrete dependent world. Warstone Innovations, LLC is grateful to have met such positive and influential people/companies, and we look forward to reconnecting at the 2018 World of Concrete (WOC) convention in Las Vegas, this upcoming January.

If you would like to reach out to Warstone Innovations, LLC about our SCS System or any other question, comment, or concern, please feel free to contact us HERE.

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