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Warstone Innovations at World of Concrete

Last week was the annual World of Concrete tradeshow in Las Vegas! A five-day show that has summoned more than 60,000 attendees for more than just exhibit exploration. The conference was founded in Houston, Texas, in 1975, and bounced around the country before settling down in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention Center is a 10 minute walk from the main Strip, and with two million square feet of exhibition space, it’s one of the few places large enough to contain the show. It doesn’t hurt having some of the world’s best chefs at our reach and convenient for meetings with major manufacturers this year.

Our focus this year at WOC was on introducing our continuity connection and reinforcement positioner as one whole system. This system strengthens, repairs, and protects columns and piles on land and underwater. These patents have added engineering value to Warstone Innovations, LLC. Nonetheless, as we continue to refine our patents and produce new systems, opportunities to meet with major markets at World of Concrete is the start of a launch.

Warstone Innovations. LLC is looking forward to the public launch of the system after the successful meetings with several major manufacturers. The system that these two patents combined creates will reduce construction labor time, and increase best management practices for repairing and strengthening columns. Together, this makes the improved system capable of exceeding the structural capacity of a timber pile, concrete, or even steel a column. The system repairs, strengthens, and protects columns/piles above ground and underwater. This lowers the safety risk in assembly, reduces industrial cost, and provides assurance of quality control. This new system will change the world whether it be in urban area or remote locations, it is a system that will benefit all parties involved with axial reinforcement. We look forward to our partnership with well known market players.

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