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Patent Awarded for “Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Continuity Connection”

Warstone Innovations, LLC has been awarded a new patent (#15/418,772) from the US Patent Office for a “Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Continuity Connection.”

This patent was developed to enhance the performance of the existing fiberglass filled shell system, manufactured by many companies for the repair of timber piles and poles, (hereafter referred to as “piles”). In general, this repair system is a good method of improving the limited strength characteristics of damaged piles; however, they lack the ability to increase all of the engineering forces required to enhance each pile to its original design structural capabilities, and are therefore are considered a “non-structural repair methodology.”

Our improvements add radial confinement to the existing fiberglass shells, thereby allowing the use of additional axial reinforcements. By embedding radial reinforcement into the shell, our patented Continuity Connection can provide a full 360 degrees of radial reinforcement, encompassing each joint, and therefore establishing complete radial confinement. Our extensive research, development, and testing has proven that our Continuity Connection can exceed the tensile capacity of comparable steel reinforcement.

For more information on the FRP Continuity Connection please visit here.

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