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International Filing for Patent, “Hygroscopic Cementitious Material”

Warstone Innovations, LLC is proud to announce the filing of an entirely new category of concrete in several countries. Today, the patent application for “Hygroscopic Cementitious Material” has been filed in Australia, Canada, China, Israel, Japan, and the European Patent Office.

Hygroscopic Cementitious Material” is designed to be used primarily as an erosion control material, however there are many other uses for this unique cementitious mix. It is a cementitious, non-mixing concrete that contains cement, aggregates, and a proprietary blend of fibers that will absorb water, hydrate the cement, evaporate excess water and when required, reabsorb water again and again in quantities superior to other concrete mixes. This material can be placed in forms or ready-to-install containers. Since the increased weight to volume ratio is greater when in contact with water, less Super Absorbing Concrete is needed for erosion, scour protection, and water diversion.

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