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Structural Smith-Emery Testing

Warstone Innovations, LLC is preparing another set of samples for testing of the patent pending Continuity Connection. Past testing of the Continuity Connection has been performed to establish the innovation’s feasibility and tensile force comparisons, based upon the tensile strength of steel reinforcing. This next set of testing will be performed at Smith-Emery Laboratories, in Los Angeles, California and will establish valuable numerical data for the structural design of the connections when used in the SCS system. The samples construction has been improved, using the methodologies provided to the latest in situ installations. These tests will use an established epoxy adhesive for the laminate chemical interface, while understanding that in the future, manufacturers may improve an epoxy mastic performance, based upon the environment of the SCS system installation.

This next Continuity Connection testing should be performed within the next two weeks and is a required precursor for the full SCS system, medium scaled testing, which is planned to be run in April of 2018.

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