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S C S  System

Field Installation

   The project was a large residential three-story remodel in Malibu, California. The design of the remodel included a new three-story steel moment frame to be installed above an existing timber 12” x 12” cap beam and 12” diameter treated piles. The existing timber piles had 20” ø concrete jackets surrounding the piles. It was not known why the jackets were installed, sometime after the piles were in place. We theorized that either the timber piles were broken or decayed. The concrete jackets were excavated and removed, only to find some surface damage was found on the exterior of the piles.   


   Since the existing timber piles where now to be used to transfer the load of the new steel moment frame, the piles needed to be structurally enhanced with the SCS System. The SCS jackets were 20” ø and 10’-0” long, structurally enhance with 4” wide CF hoop strips at 12” o.c. and eight (8) - 2” wide CF laminates were used for longitudinal reinforcement. The new SCS System jackets were delivered to the site with all of the structural enhancements installed. The Continuity Connection pockets and the T & G joint filled with an epoxy paste, the jackets were lowered into position, the CF jumper plates positioned into the pockets and the jacket closed all in 29 minutes each. The jackets were then filled with an underwater epoxy grout.  

SCS System
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