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S C S  System

Structural Benefits 

   The SCS system is engineered to bring a column back to its original strength or to improve a concrete column to meet new strengthening requirements. The SCS system utilizes the latest in FRP technologies, in combination with our patented components, to provide a variety of solutions while meeting the needs of both designers, and stakeholders.

   Our Engineers custom design the built-in strengthening components into the FRP shell to meet the desired structural parameters. Since virtually all of the strengthening components are pre-installed with the SCS system, job site assembly is quick and easy. The two main structural benefits of the SCS system are “flexural and axial strengthening” and “shear strengthening and lateral confinement.”



   Longitudinal CFRP laminate or round bar reinforcement is pre-installed onto the internal surface of the shell using our patented axial reinforcement positioners, which will then occupy the space between the concrete column and the FRP shell; therefore, providing a greater cross-sectional area of the enhanced column. The additional CFRP laminates or round bars, effectively provide extra flexural and axial structural strength to the existing concrete column. High strength epoxy or cementitious grout is poured or pumped into the annulus between the existing column and the enhanced shell. Using CFRP for axial reinforcement in the SCS system creates a corrosion free assembly for an extended service life of the column.

Flexural and Axial Strengthening


   Column hoop strength or axial confinement is difficult to achieve when using a shell or jacket around an existing column. Our patented continuity connection solves this problem. The required confinement is engineered and horizontal CFRP strips and pockets are bonded to the inside of the shell at predetermined locations. The pockets are located on each side of the joint(s), and during the encapsulation process, separate pre-shaped CFRP laminates are inserted into the epoxy filled pockets. This innovation in the SCS system provides the required continuity of the horizontal CFRP strips that produce confinement of the axial reinforcement and increases shear capacity.

Shear Strengthening and Lateral Confinement 

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