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and Innovation for Our World 

Warstone Innovations is committed to bringing value engineering and industry-changing innovations, with patented products and methodologies, to our continually evolving world. We are involved with infrastructure and military applications to Repair, Strengthen, and Protect. Warstone Innovations offers creative, experienced and innovative solutions to the world.


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The SCS system has been developed as a cost-effective, easy and very rapid repair, strengthening and protection system for existing piles, poles and columns of any shape and size. The system offers a vast reduction in installation labor, equipment, and installation time which tabulates to greater cost savings. The SCS system can be used on columns located on terra firma, in remote locations or even underwater, with ease and efficiency. Research & development continues with the advantages of the SCS system repairing and strengthening of existing concrete 

column ductility.


  • Value-engineered solution with an all-in-one, simplified, and very rapid repair system.

  • The best solution for infrastructure repairs and strengthening of existing columns associated with bridges, wharves, docks, piers, and utility poles.

A new and unique category of concrete.  

This newly developed dry mix, super absorbing concrete designed to be used as a flood and debris control material, however, there are many other uses for this unique cementitious mix, such as barricades and armor.


  • Military applications including defensive barriers

  • Capable of rapid deployment​

  • Lighter than the same volume of standard materials used for flood control 


Multifunctional interlocking containment protective bags. Filled with special blends of dry hygroscopic concrete, they connect to form a strong, energy dissipating and protective system. Uses include erosion protection, flood control, and quickly established military bunkers.  


  • Easier, quicker, and stronger than any other erosion protection product 

  • Withstands exceptional forces and remains intact

  • The best product for flood control and erosion protection


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